All About Venice Restaurants


Venice is a inredible city of Italy which is well known for bridges, sights, canals, museums and restaurants also. Last month i went to citytrip Venice and i also find that Venice is a city which is very popular for its food also and it is full of wonderful and exciting places to eat out, with a wide choice of every kind of food imaginable, that is why i visited some stylish restaurant also. While i was enjoying in hotels Venice, i was confused to decide where to go as there are many restaurants.

Venice is a wonderful city and there are many different types of food served in Venice's restaurants, but amongst the most popular are pizzas and pasta. Other food sold includes a variety of sandwiches, rolls and snack food. Pasta comes in an enormous array of shapes, colours and styles. Probably the most popular type most often served in local restaurants is spaghetti. To enjoy stylish restaurant in Venice i spend my vacations in Hotel Bonvecchiati Venice which is one of the most modern and comfortable hotels Venetiƫ.